• Global broker ZTE Trading in order to easily and quickly connect customers to their accounts and even open a new account without the need to visit the company's offices around the world through an email and confirm the identity and send to support in less than 10 working hours to create an account and provided to the customer.

  • ZTE Trading company has an extraordinary speed in charging and withdrawing from its customers' accounts, this action reaches the customer without any fees and without deducting the income from the company at the market dollar rate of the day.
    In ZTE Trading company, receiving and paying cash in dollars is also available. (with special conditions)
    By creating a wide network of exchanges with the ability to receive and pay instant dollars, to charge the customer's account instantly and withdraw from the account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we finally created wonderful conditions for our customers up to 18 working hours.

  • ZTE Trading will sell your position in the market with the best liquidity providers with very high speed, lowest price and highest efficiency.
    We have several serers in most parts of the world and the connection of these servers without restrictions in the execution of the position in the liquidity provider, we place the customer's position in the market in a fraction of a millisecond and carry out the transaction.
    The speed of positioning in the ZTE Trading broker, without the slightest price slippage at the best market price, is one of the important features of this company.

  • With the benefit of experienced and experienced colleagues in the customer support department, ZTE Trading operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
    Our colleagues live in the question and answer section of the site as well as in WhatsApp and Telegram applications have provided a very good basis for communication with the customer, who provide instant answers to any problems from the customer 24 hours a day.

  • One of the most obvious and important features of ZTE Trading, which distinguishes us from other companies, is having customer account insurance. In this project, all the customer's losses and profits are insured by our company during severe market fluctuations (slippage) and if there is a slippage in the price, which is a normal thing in global markets; If the customer's account is unintentionally damaged, ZTE Trading Company will compensate all the losses incurred.
    Contact support to create such an account.

  • The global broker ZTE Trading has created various accounts by having various accounts according to the customer's taste in terms of spreads and commissions.
    In accounts with special conditions, the lowest spread available in the market and zero commission in transactions are offered to the customer, and the customer chooses these accounts according to his taste.
    In such accounts, the spread of important currency pairs is 0.2 and 2 pips, and in CFDs, it is 10 to 20 cents per transaction.

  • With the benefit of the most reliable suppliers of liquidity and many licenses in the financial markets, as well as having a powerful and fast transaction transmission system, ZTE Trading has brought a safe and reliable environment for trading to its customers.
    In this case, ZTE Trading is one of the most unrivaled companies in the world, with its effective cooperation with prominent global and Central Asian banks in providing customer capital in most parts of the world with physical offices and the possibility of receiving and paying in cash. It is its own type.

Your trust is our honor