Capital security

Capital security is one of the most important concerns of every user. For this reason, the ZTE Trading broker has achieved this assurance for its users with complete transparency, so that they can deal with their transactions with ease.

ZTE Trading company with registration number: 2023-00227 and with official license from the financial and monetary institutions of St. Lucia, Cyprus, St. Vincent, Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan and Georgia has the most institutions and representatives in European and Central Asian countries and for a decade He has experience as a broker and international banking institution.

ZTE Trading is a private equity and NDD company, whose customer contracts are registered in European and Central Asian banks without the slightest price slippage, and customers accept their contracts in the shortest possible time.

The security of customers' capital is considered to be one of the most prominent features of ZTE Trading. (Customer's Loss Insurance) has made us one of the safest financial transfer companies in the world, and our customers can be confident in the online futures market. Foreign exchange contracts, precious metal contracts and digital currency contracts are bought and sold with the support of ZTE Trading.

Also, ZTE Trading has expanded its services with countless trading tools, platforms, investment accounts based on the needs of each trader and is considered an ideal option for traders.

The regulation of a company by financial institutions is the monitoring of the company and employees by regulatory institutions, and it is very important in business matters. Global broker ZTE Trading is monitored and reviewed by several international organizations to ensure the company's customers are assured in every way.

Why should a broker be sensitive about regulation?

In addition to standard features and functions, a good broker should also be a leader in terms of regulation to provide real prices without errors and to avoid violations.

Also, one of the important features of the broker is financial supervision, which we refer to the following regulatory institutions:

Country The name of the regulatory
Cyprus Southern Cyprus Trading Company IFS
Australia Australian Stock Exchange (World Bank Financial Companies) ISO 22307:2008
Australia Stock Exchange approved by the Australian Financial Company) ISO/TR 13569 CFE:2005 ZTE
Canada Canadian National Bank Information and Document Management System ISO 27001:2013 ZTE
Cyprus EFQM measuring customer satisfaction (regular monitoring) resolving customer disputes with the organization ISO 10003:ZTE 10004:2014


We do not provide services to Turkey, USA, UAE and any relevant jurisdiction that the company is not authorized to operate.